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Blind attempt at fixing another MySQL 8 issue (#2699)
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dmoagx committed Jun 30, 2018
1 parent c541d63 commit e625224
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
1 change: 1 addition & 0 deletions Source/SPDatabaseStructure.m
Expand Up @@ -359,6 +359,7 @@ - (void)queryDbStructureWithUserInfo:(NSDictionary *)userInfo

// Retrieve the column details (only those we need so we don't fetch the whole function body which might be huge)
theResult = [mySQLConnection queryString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"SELECT SPECIFIC_NAME, ROUTINE_TYPE, DTD_IDENTIFIER, IS_DETERMINISTIC, SQL_DATA_ACCESS, SECURITY_TYPE, DEFINER FROM `information_schema`.`ROUTINES` WHERE `ROUTINE_SCHEMA` = %@", [currentDatabase tickQuotedString]]];
[theResult setReturnDataAsStrings:YES]; //TODO workaround for #2700 with mysql 8.0 (see #2699)
[theResult setDefaultRowReturnType:SPMySQLResultRowAsArray];

// Loop through the rows and extract the function details
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