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Fix an issue where a KV Observer was not removed on dealloc resulting…
… in KVO messaging a Zombie and crashing
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dmoagx committed Jan 11, 2015
1 parent 07ad098 commit f2bb1116a22dcbd680a61637532108d0c8497b99
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  1. +1 −0 Source/SPDatabaseDocument.m
@@ -6264,6 +6264,7 @@ - (void)dealloc
[prefs removeObserver:tableSourceInstance forKeyPath:SPUseMonospacedFonts];
[prefs removeObserver:[SPQueryController sharedQueryController] forKeyPath:SPUseMonospacedFonts];
[prefs removeObserver:tableContentInstance forKeyPath:SPGlobalResultTableFont];
[prefs removeObserver:tableContentInstance forKeyPath:SPDisplayBinaryDataAsHex];
[prefs removeObserver:[SPQueryController sharedQueryController] forKeyPath:SPConsoleEnableLogging];
[prefs removeObserver:self forKeyPath:SPConsoleEnableLogging];

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