Code commenting shortcut does not work on CZ keyboard on MacBooks #2648

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iBobik commented Jan 5, 2017

In query editor under gear icon there is Comment line with shortcut.
On MacBooks with Czech keyboard this shortcut is not working with shortcut cmd+/

Related to enhancement #1478.

dmoagx commented Jan 5, 2017

Can reproduce.

With a German keyboard layout (same topography as Czech) this works, event is:

(lldb) po [NSApp currentEvent]
NSEvent: type=KeyDown loc=(-657,1159) time=1226567.7 flags=0x120114 win=0x100f05650 winNum=51006 ctxt=0x0 chars="7" unmodchars="/" repeat=0 keyCode=26

With a Czech keyboard layout it does not work, event is:

po [NSApp currentEvent]
NSEvent: type=KeyDown loc=(-657,1159) time=1226853.6 flags=0x120114 win=0x100f05650 winNum=51006 ctxt=0x0 chars="[" unmodchars="/" repeat=0 keyCode=33

But it doesn't look like there is any of our code involved there, so I'm not really sure what is happening here.

@dmoagx dmoagx added the Bug label Jan 6, 2017
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