@abhibeckert abhibeckert released this Feb 12, 2016 · 14 commits to 1.1.x since this release

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Changes since

  • 🍭 90% less crashing!
  • 🚒 Fix broken display of BIT fields (#2254)
  • Fix a concurrent modification exception that could occur when duplicating a database
  • Fix an exception when changing the tab indentation while the Bundle Editor is open (#2246)
  • Fix exporting Bundles not working (#2261)
  • 🚑 Fix broken SQL Export of BIT fields (#2262)
  • Fix broken keychain access with SSH on 10.6 (#2268)
  • Fix connection view input fields accepting multi-line input (#2269)
  • Fix Edit Trigger sheet not working correctly in many localized versions (#2289)
  • Fix a crash that could occur when closing a window from fullscreen mode on 10.11
  • Fix one cause of a popular crash involving alert dialogs (part of #2297)
  • Fix bundle commands no longer working in popup field editor (and possibly other situations) (#2299)
  • Fix table name token not being used in SQL exports even when only one table is selected (#1858)
  • Improve the way Sequel Pro infers the collation of a column. This does not entirely fix the bug of SP sometimes displaying the wrong collation, but should work in ≥ 99% of cases. (#2237)
  • Fix an issue where Sequel Pro would throw an exception when connecting to a mysql server that was in limbo after an update (i.e. someone did forget to run mysql_upgrade) (#2302)
  • Fix a random crash involving _scrollViewDidChangeBounds (#2126)
  • Fix an exception on 10.11 when trying to install an SP update while a modal dialog is displayed
  • Fix an issue on 10.11 where only one .SPF file could be opened in some cases (#2294)
  • Fix an exception when right-clicking in the CSV field mapping table without active selection (#2219)
  • Improve charset detection for Sphinx (#2384)
  • Fix an issue where copying the contents of a TEXT/BLOB field from a custom query result may not contain all data if keyboard navigation was used (#2283)
  • Fix a random crash because of an internal issue handling multi threaded connections (Attempted to connect a connection that is not disconnected) (#2353)