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Docs repository for the Cloudbreak project. The generated site is available at:

Cut a new release:

Follow these steps

  • Change sitename in mkdocs.yml
  • Refresh image references: make update-images
  • Refresh on-prem version in curl instructions:
  • Refresh Azure template reference:
  • Update where the latest version dropdown should point: circle.yml
  • Cut a new branch release-x.y.z


When you create a release branch (like release-1.6.0) and push it to github, CircleCI will automatically generate a new directory (named as the branch (like release-1.6.0) in the gh-pages branch.

So you will be able to view that version, by modifying the version part of the url:

The version dropdown box is generated from the versions.json.

The latest label is specified in circle.yml