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This image helps you to test Docker with different versions, without messing with your host system. It will set up a Docker container which is able to run Docker inside.


docker run -it --rm --privileged -e LOG=file sequenceiq/dind

It will start a Docker daemon in the background (unix:///var/run/docker.sock) and provide a bash session where you can play with a vanilla Docker environment:

  • no images pulled
  • no containers

Down/Upgrade Docker

Sometimes you want to check if something works with a specific Docker version. There is a bash function ready to help you: docker-set-version. It will

  • download the specified Docker binary, and symlink it.
  • restart the Docker daemon.

Bash Aliases

The usual Docker functions: docker-kill-xxx, dps, dpsa are all available in bash. Its done by saving into /tmp/docker-functions and its sourced from /root/.bashrc.