Apache Drill Docker container
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Apache Drill Docker container

A single node Apache Drill container, to quick start and learn Drill.

Build the container

You can build the container from the Dockerfile. In order to do that run:

docker build -t sequenceiq/drill .

Pull the container

We have created an automed Docker container, available from the Docker registry as a trusted build. We suggest to always use this image, as we maintain, support and continuously improve it.

docker pull sequenceiq/drill

Run the container

Once you have pulled the container you are ready to use Drill. We launch SQLline during the bootstrap process, so you are ready to issue queries. Please note that the data has to be available in the container (Drill comes with sample data).

docker run -it sequenceiq/drill /etc/bootstrap.sh

Run the container with volume

For a more comprehensive Drill experience you can query data external to your container - the only thing you will need to do is to mount an external folder from your host. Once the volume is mounted you can access the Drill UI at http://CONTAINER_IP:8047, you can either add a new file system based storage plugin workspace pointing to the mounted folder, or use the default file system storage workspace.

docker run -it -v /data:/data sequenceiq/drill /etc/bootstrap.sh

Rest API

Get Drillbit status: http://CONTAINER_IP:8047/status
Get all submitted queries: http://CONTAINER_IP:8047/queries
Get status of a given query:http://CONTAINER_IP:8047/query/{QUERY_ID}

Note: you can find your container IP by running docker inspect CONTAINER_ID