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This repo helps to create

install gun

curl -Lk | tar -xz -C /usr/local/bin

install docker-machine module

gun :get
echo export DEPS_REPO= >> Gunfile

create the xhyve VM

gun machine create

it will asks for admin password for giving sudo rights to docker-machine driver

Changing file sharing

By default shyve vm is created with --xhyve-experimental-nfs-share, but some systems might not work with it.

To check if the

date | tee delme.txt && docker run -v $PWD:/data alpine cat /data/delme.txt
echo 'export MACHINE_OPTS="--xhyve-experimental-nfs-share' >> Profile


todo: diff between:

  • b2d
  • docker-machine with virtualbox
  • docker-machine with xhyve
  • docker for mac