A command-line tool for building web playable versions of Ink stories
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Gall is a simple command-line tool for assembling Ink stories with blotter.


Make sure you have an up-to-date version of Node and npm installed in your system, then install Gall from github:

$ npm install -g gall


In an empty directory, create a Gall project:

$ gall new

This will create a sources/ directory there, containing the following files:

  • defines.json: Definitions that can be inserted into the template, including the story title.
  • style.less: A Less file that acts as the stylesheet for the project.
  • template.pug: A Pug template that acts as the template for the project.
  • script.js: A javascript script that is run after the main Blotter script, which can contain any custom functionality you want to hook into inkjs before starting up the main UI loop through Blotter.

Gall will populate those files with working ones from a scaffold, which you can customize as you like. You will also have to provide a json file compiled from your Ink story through Inkle's inklecate compiler, and place it in sources/story.ink.json.

With everything in place, gall build will build your story and output it as out.html. Stories generated by Gall are self-contained html files, for portability and performance; all of the css (automatically generated by Less), js (imported from the Blotter project build file), and Ink data are inlined into the file.