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Version 0.3.3 [NOT RELEASED]
- support for double click events (thanks to rbarazi)
- added MouseEvent.nativeEvent and properties
- fixes to Ticker
- fixed a problem with caching Container instances
- fixed an issue with .parent not being assigned on children of cloned containers
- added filter support via DisplayObject.filters and Filter objects
- added sample filters: ColorFilter, ColorMatrixFilter, and BoxBlurFilter
- added DisplayObject.setTransform()
- added DisplayObject.onDoubleClick handler (thanks to rbarazi)
- performance optimization for DisplayObject drawing (6910e6849856bd0740f8)
- added support for touch input (single point) via the Touch class
- added support for passing an image URI to the Bitmap constructor
- optimizations
- doc updates
Version 0.3.2 [Mar 2, 2011]
- added stage.mouseInBounds
- added DisplayObject.onMouseOver and onMouseOut callbacks
- added stage.enableMouseOver(freq)
- improved support for calculating mouseX/Y in divs with relative positioning
- fixed Graphics.clone()
- fixed an issue with shadows not being reset properly
- migrated to use YUIDocs instead of JSDocs
- fixed an issue that prevented BitmapSequence instances with frameData from working with gotoAndPlay(frameNumber)
Version 0.3.1 [Feb 13, 2011]
- fixed issues with hitTest and mouse event callbacks on Container instances.
- added recursive clone option to Container and Shape
- fix for snapToPixel
- added cache, updateCache, and HelloWorld demos
- extensive code cleanup, including improved support for jsdoc
Version 0.3 [Feb 8, 2011]
- renamed Tick to Ticker
- adding a listener to Ticker twice will now move it to the end of the listener list
- added Ticker.getMeasuredFPS()
- added Ticker.setFPS()
- renamed Stage.tick to Stage.update and made Stage.tick point to Stage.update
- made the pauseable param "true" by default on Ticker.addListener()
- added Stage.toDataURL(backgroundColor, mimeType)
- renamed Rectangle.w/h to width/height
- improvements to commenting and documentation
- formalized inheritance model to make code more readable
- changed color to null instead of 0 in Shadow.IDENTITY
- fixed an error with simple sprite sheets that weren't set to loop
- implemented "tiny" instructions for Graphics. (ex. myGraphics.f("#0FF").c(x,y,r) )
- fixed problems with Graphics.clone()
- fixed bug with passing instructions to a Graphics object constructor
- complete rewrite of the render engine to be cleaner and more flexible
- added .decompose() method to Matrix2D
- added .skew() method to Matrix2D
- added .skewX/Y on DisplayObject
- added SpriteSheetUtils.extractFrame(spriteSheet,frame) method
- added basic multi-line support for Text
- added DisplayObject.suppressCrossDomainErrors property
- complete rewrite of the hit testing system to be cleaner and run 5-10x faster
- improved the interaction model:
- added .onPress, .onClick callbacks on DisplayObject
- removed .mouseChildren from Container
- made .mouseEnabled true by default
- added .onMouseDown, .onMouseUp, and .onMouseMove callbacks on Stage
- added MouseEvent
- Stage.getObjectsUnderPoint() has been moved to Container
- added Container.contains(child) method
- added DisplayObject.compositeOperation
- added appendProperties() and prependProperties methods to Matrix2D
- added DisplayObject.hitTest() method
- added stage.snapToPixelEnabled and displayObject.snapToPixel
- added DisplayObject.updateCache()
- renamed minified file from easeljs.js to easel.js
- Re-factored directory layout
Version 0.2.1 [Jan 12, 2011]
- optimized Graphics: reduced overhead by 80-90%
- added drawPolyStar method to Graphics
- fixed bug with using canvas as an image source for Bitmap
- made mouseChildren true by default for stage
- fixed major bug with Ticker.getTime()
Version 0.2 [Jan 6, 2011]
Focus on vector graphics and text.
- repackaged all class files to "easeljs" instead of "com.gskinner"
- added Graphics API, and revised Shape to use a Graphics instance
- added Text class
- added Point class and updated CoordTransform to use it
- added Rectangle class
- fixed minor issue with Ticker
- added initial implementation of Stage.mouseX/Y (likely to change)
- added new examples, updated others to work with revised APIs
- minor tweaks, fixes to code and documentation
- added support for multiple params on Container.addChild, addChildAt, removeChild & removeChildAt
Version 0.1 [Dec 17, 2010]
Initial release.
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