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Version 0.4.0

  • Enable forever to track uptime (indexzero)
  • Add restart command to forever.Monitor and CLI (indexzero)
  • Ensure forever.load() is called on require() (indexzero)
  • Better handling for for -p CLI option (indexzero)
  • Enable options to be passed to child_process.spawn (indexzero)

Version 0.3.1

  • Allow forever to start any script (not just node) from nodejs code (substack)
  • Array shortcut to set command and options (substack)
  • Check for scripts with fs.stat before running them (indexzero)
  • Improved how *.fvr and *.pid files are managed by Forever CLI (indexzero)
  • Ability to delete all historical logs from CLI via 'cleanlogs' (indexzero)
  • Ability to stop script by name -- stops ALL scripts with that name. (indexzero)
  • Display logfile in 'forever list'. (indexzero)
  • Use process.kill() instead of exec('kill'). (indexzero)
  • Emit 'save' event when persisting to disk. (indexzero)
  • Emit 'start' event when starting a forever child (indexzero)
  • Remove 'auto-save' feature from Forever.start() (indexzero)

Breaking Changes

  • Push options hierarchy up one level. e.g. Forever.options.silent is now Forever.silent (indexzero)
  • Only 'error' event now emits with an error. All other events simply emit data (indexzero)