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Manos is an easy to use, easy to test, high performance web application framework that stays out of your way and makes your life ridiculously simple.

The Main Features of Manos:

  • Manos creates stand alone web applications that don't rely on Apache, IIS or any other web server, the server is bundled into the .exe file with the rest of your application. This allows for easy deployment, easy upgrades and absolutely no configuration.

  • High performance and scalable. Modeled after tornadoweb, the technology that powers friend feed, Manos is capable of thousands of simultaneous connections, ideal for applications that create persistent connections with the server.

  • Testing built in from the beginning making things testable was a primary concern on Manos. This means you can easily Mock just about any object in the Manos stack, making testing your application dead simple.

For installation instructions please read the installation guide in the docs directory.