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These release notes are as of: $Date: 2010-01-20 20:00:48 $
Added support for automatic default LPL interval
Added platform-indepdent TOS_SLEEP_NONE for McuPowerOverride
Added support for mulle platform
Added support for epic platform
Added support for shimmer2 platform
Added DHV dissemination protocol in lib/net/dhv
Added 6lowpan/IP support in lib/net/blip
Improved CTP forwarder code to save code and RAM
Improved MSP430 sleep code to default to LPM4
Improved TOSSIM PRR curve to prevent very low SNR packets
Improved Queue performance by changing % to inequality test
Improved TOSThreads tutorials and documentation
Improved python sdk
Refactored AM layer to better support 6lowpan
Fixed TOSSIM bug where nodes could receive while transmitting
Fixed TOSSIM ack bug for nodes that change their AM id at runtime
Fixed Trickle bugs that could cause timers to fire slightly off
Fixed Pool bug that did not allow large (> 127 element) pools
Added support for iris platform
Added support for shimmer platform
Added 4-bit link estimator to CTP in lib/net/4bitle
Added DIP dissemination protocol in lib/net/dip
Added FTSP time synchronization service in lib/ftsp
Added TOSThreads library in lib/tosthreads
Added SafeTinyOS support with 'safe' make option
Added support for 802.15.4 T-Frames through 'tframe' make option
Added TKN15.4, a platform-independent 802.15.4-2006 MAC implementation
Added low-power application tutorial
Added printf tutorial
Added TEPs
Changed 802.15.4 stacks to use I-Frames by default (TEP 125)
Changed Packet interface to better support type checking
Changed Receive interface to support fan-in
Changed atm128 I2C bus to obey same addressing as MSP430
Changed printf implementation to no longer require explicit wiring of PrintfC component
Fixed memory leak in CTP on duplicate suppression
Added reimplementation of low-power CC2420 stack to support AUTOACK and SACK
Added Deluge and related tools (support for micaZ and telosb only)
Added TEPs
Added 64-bit support for Java support code
Fixed oscillator calibration bug in MSP430 USART
Fixed clear channel detection bug in TOSSIM
Fixed errors in tutorial text
Fixed deadlock in C-based serial forwarder
Fixed bugs in at45db and stm25p storage stacks
Added low-power cc2420 stack as default on relevant platforms
Added lib/printf (simple serial messages)
Added lib/net/lqi (LQI-based collection layer for CC2420 platforms)
Added sensorboards/mts300 (mica sensor board)
Added noise modeling to TOSSIM (captures temporal correlation)
Added TEPs
Added tutorials
Changes to Resource management interfaces and components
Change to atmega128 ADC: output is no longer left-justified
Fixed cancellation bug in active message layers (no sendDone)
Fixed errors in tutorial text
Fixed interface errors in dissemination
Fixed lockup bug in atmega128 streaming reads
Fixed lockup bug in atmega128 SPI stack (0-length writes)
Fixed lockup bug in atmega128 I2C stack (power management)
Fixed memory access bugs in serial stack and AM queue (from John Regehr)
Fixed TMote sleep power consumption for newest RHoS nodes
New atmega128 timer stack fixes mica-family timer problems
Numerous optimizations and performance improvements
Numerous additional bug fixes
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