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PURE Unobtrusive Rendering Engine for HTML
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		<title>PURE Unobtrusive Rendering Engine for HTML - README.html</title>

<h2>PURE Unobtrusive Rendering Engine for HTML</h2>

PURE Website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br />

<h3>What is PURE about?</h3>
<ul><li>Build and render your templates with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, nothing else.</li>
<li>Unobtrusive, the HTML remains absolutely untouched.</li>
<li>As a result, any part of your HTML document can become a template.</li>
<li>Fast, templates are compiled from HTML to Javascript for blazing rendering speed.</li>
<li>Runs on the browser side.</li>
<li>JSON data support.</li>
<li>Can be used as a jQuery plugin.</li>
<li>Open Source, and released under the MIT License. It means you can use it and modify it as much as you want and where you want.</li>
Mic Cvilic<br />
Hughes Waroquier<br />
Yves Hiernaux<br />
guest: Seb Cvilic<br />

Copyright (C) 2008 Michael Cvilic - BeeBole.  All Rights Reserved

PURE is an Open Source Software. You can redistribute  and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT Licence.

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