Experimental Hybrid 0MQ/Redis Store for Socket.IO
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Prototype 0MQ "Store" for Socket.io

Since Socket.io Stores are actually a combination of dispatch and data store, this more precisely ZeroMQ dispatch and Redis-based persistance.


Because I was told that I shouldn't. :-)

Should I use it?

Yes, hack with it.

Should I use it in production?

No. Use the native RedisStore.

If you don't recommend this, why build it?

To further test the extensibility of Socket.io Store.

Socket.io .7 introduced the concept of pluggable stores. When I implemented the first Redis Store, it quickly became apparent that asyncronous data operations and cross node pubsub were not possible within the context of the exsisting Store architecture. @guille rewrote RedisStore along with much of the internals that interact with the Stores. What we have now is a stronger foundation to build on, so this the first pass at doing so.

How do I use it?

Check out the examples directory.

node examples\simple-broker
node examples\simple 8881
node examples\simple 8882
node examples\simple 8883
node examples\simple 8884

Open tabs: localhost:8881 localhost:8882 localhost:8883 localhost:8884