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nepoogle is a gui to query the Nepomuk's database with a syntax inspired in Google's

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Nepoogle is a gui to query Nepomuk's database with a syntax inspired in Google's


Nepoogle is developed in Python so PyKDE bingdings are mandatory.

Since version 1.0.0 Nepomuk2 Python bingdings are required to work. You can get this
bindings in


Nepoogle works in console or in gui mode. Try "nepoogle --help", without brackets, in
console or click in the help button in gui to obtain more information.


For convenience there is an script called "" to install Nepoogle in current
user. copy nepoogle to ~/bin so this directory must be in the path.


To uninstall Nepoogle use "" script.


In git Nepoogle consist in several files but there is a tool, called "", to merge all
development files in only one file for easy distribution. Syntax is the next:

./ nepoogle nepoogle_v1


For bugs, suggestions or comments write an email to:
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