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crates is an extension aims to help people to manage their dependencies for rust ( & TOML).
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Hello Rust & VSCode lovers,

This is crates, an extension for dependencies. Aims helping developers to manage dependencies while using Cargo.toml.


  • It is only helpful if you are using dependencies from Dependencies from git or other platforms are not supported.
  • TOML must be valid. If not crates will not show versions. It will inform you with. status bar and dialog.


crates is very simple. It has just two features.

  • Displays the latest version of the crate next to it
  • Shows all versions (clickable) on tooltip of the crate hovered.

Aims to be fast and simple.

Update Single Dependency


Update All Dependencies (lazy mode)


Simple settings


Extension Settings

It is so simple that you do not need any configuration, but if you insist...

crates.githubAuthBasic: The <username>:<personal-access-token> or <username>:<password> for accessing Github API with increased access rates 5000 req/h.

crates.upToDateDecorator: The text to show when dependency is up to date. Default is 👍.

crates.latestDecorator: The text to show when dependency is not up to date. Default is Latest: ${version}.

crates.listPreReleases : If true, pre-release versions will be listed in hover and at decoration. Default is false.

Known Issues

  • All glitches will be cleared on save.

Thanks to




oli-obk (First Patron)

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