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Motto: "Every business should have a mobile detection script to detect mobile readers."

Forking the project
  1. Clone the repository to your local drive.
  2. Switch to devel branch.
  3. Commit your changes to Mobile_Detect.php or whatever file.
  4. Commit tests (User-Agent strings) totests/ It's important to put tests in if you change the regexes, otherwise the commit will not pass.
  5. Run the tests php phpunit.phar -c /path/to/mobiledetectlib/tests/phpunit.xml. Check for errors.
  6. Run the code fix php php-cs-fixer.phar fix "/path/to/mobiledetectlib" --verbose --dry-run. If there are errors run it again without --dry-run.
  7. Commit to devel. Push.
  8. The commit will be reviewed and merged into master
2.9.9 version Dev status Work scheduled on the 2.x.x branch (currently in production).
3.0.0 version Work scheduled on the 3.x.x branch. The new 3.0.0 version will feature: compatibility with 2.x, array with devices details (including model name), device/os/browser version, browser grading utility, separate JSON regex.
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