Lightweight jQuery Mobile plugin based on the popup() method that allows creation of dynamic popups.
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$.dynamic_popup() is a lightweight jQuery Mobile plugin based on the popup() function available since 1.2 alpha release. It enables you to create a dynamic popup without stressing you with details where to put the actual HTML code. This is extremely useful if you have many dynamic pages in your jQuery Mobile web application.


Include the required files:

<script src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/"></script>
<script src="js/"></script>

Simple text alert:

$.dynamic_popup('This is a basic help message. Did you get it?');

Add HTML and events to your popups:

$.dynamic_popup('Enter your <b>name</b> and <b>email</b> before submitting the form.');

    content: '<p>' + $('#name').val() + ', you have successfully registered!' + '</p>',
    'data-transition': 'slideup',
    'data-position-to': '#Register'
    popupafteropen: function(e){
        console.log('Opened the popup!');
    popupafterclose: function(e){
// Default configuration.
    content: '',
    popupId: 'popup' + $activePage.attr('id'),
    'data-theme': 'a',
    'data-overlay-theme': 'none',
    'data-position-to': 'window',
    'data-rel': 'back',
    'data-dismissible': true,
    'data-transition': 'none',
    'data-arrow': false

You can find more about these configuration options on the official jQuery mobile popup docs:


Add an issue or fork the project and submit a pull request.
If this script helped you save a lot of developing time, I really appreciate any donations . Thank you!