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a script that setup changes firefox preferences to bypass some security
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FireFix script for Firefox on MAC

Enables documents to be opended through the browser

The script is compatible with ruby 1.8.6 and up which is installed by default on every system running MacOs X (Mac os uses ruby 1.8.6 internally)

The scripts will attempt to update firefox settings for all the users on the machine. Running the script first creates backups of the 2 targeted files prefs.js and mimetypes.js If the backups files are already present, the script will tell you that and will not execute again. (the fix is already in place)


  1. Firefox needs to be CLOSED before running the script!
  2. Remember to open the config.rb file in a texteditor and change/enter the URL to the PagePlanner 3
  3. Run the script as administrator (sudo)

To run the script

In the terminal :

Navigate to the folder that contains the script and type the command: sudo ruby firefix.rb

to rollback the backup files: sudo ruby firefix.rb rollback

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