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Commits on Aug 31, 2010
  1. @Sharpie
Commits on Aug 30, 2010
  1. @Sharpie
Commits on Aug 29, 2010
  1. @Sharpie

    Fleshed out POST hook for documentation updates

    Sharpie authored
    Used to test the data coming from GitHub.  Should be set up so
    that documentation is only rebuilt if the master branch is pushed.
  2. @Sharpie
  3. @Sharpie

    Added code to perform initial checkout of projects

    Sharpie authored
    The DocServer now performs an initial checkout and build of projects when
    started.  It also symlinks the directory containing project HTML documentation
    into the static/ folder.
    This should probably be moved into a paver script instead of being done
    automatically on server startup.  But it works and it is a good first cut.
  4. @Sharpie

    Added some static images

    Sharpie authored
  5. @Sharpie

    Refactored into a python package

    Sharpie authored
    This application is going to require several parts, the following which have
    become apparent:
    - A server to manage routing requests and serving templates.
    - A module for pulling project source code from repositories and building
      up-to-date documentation.
    - Utilities to service the above two modules.
    The code has been refactored into a Python package to facilitate the above
    - contains the server code and can be executed using:
      to run the server locally.
    - will manage fetching projects from repositories and building
      the documentation.  Currently this means pulling git repos and running Sphinx.
      But if the supported toolset grows, this module may be split into several
      modules in order to handle the complexity.
    - contains utility routines used by the other modules.
    Furthermore, imports the app object from and renames
    it to "application" so mod_wsgi based servers will be happy.
  6. @Sharpie

    Cleaned up front page layout

    Sharpie authored
    Starting to look good.  Will try to build in support for multiple projects from
    the beginning.  The front page now displays the icon and title of each project
    listed in the PROJECTS hash of
    Icons and titles need some work and vertical alignment, but overall things look
  7. @Sharpie

    Updated Compass styling

    Sharpie authored
  8. @Sharpie

    Added Compass for SASS support

    Sharpie authored
  9. @Sharpie
  10. Initial commit of a Python document server

    cls59 authored
    This server is written using the Flask microframework.  Basically, it will do
    the following two things:
    - Listen for a POST to arrive on a special super secret URL which can be set via
      a configuration file. When the POST is recieved, it will update a Git
      repository and then rebuild Sphinx documentation.
    - Serve the Sphinx documentation.
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