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Sercante's Pardot API Postman collection

Postman Collection demonstrating how to use the Pardot API. More information about the API can be found on

If you need help with the setup, someone to bounce questions off of, or just a second set of eyes, you're in luck: Sercante has helped many companies build integrations into Pardot. Let's Chat >


To use the latest published version, click the following button to import the Pardot API as a collection. It will set up a Collection as well as an Environment.

Run in Postman

You can also download the collection and environment files from this repo, then import directly into Postman.


  • Postman The collection is for use by the Postman app. Postman is a utility that allows you to quickly test and use REST APIs. More information can be found at
  • Pardot To use Pardot's API, you must have access to Pardot with permissions enabled for which resource you want to use.
  • Salesforce Connected App and User - You need to be able to authenticate via Salesforce. This postman collection works best with a Connected App set up for Username/Password flow, however for Production code you should look at another flow which is more secure (such as JWT Bearer or Web Server flows)


The collection is designed to ease you into becoming comfortable with using the Pardot API.

Almost all requests require a valid user credentials. The collection requests have headers setup for this. This should be set in your Postman environment i.e. outside the collection itself. This should help avoid accidental commits of API keys to repos.

Once imported, manage the Postman environment variables to get going.

Environment Variables

Note: - This Collection uses the Salesforce Username/Password OAuth flow, which is good for browsing around and not great for Production-grade code.

Variable Default value Example
password somethingSecureIHope
security_token fdse4sdf243sdf354sda345
api_version 3 4
output_format json xml or json

See Also

Pardot API documentation

Postman API development tool


Project for sharing Postman Collections of Pardot API requests.



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