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Qamini - Open Source Mini Question & Answer Software

Author: Serdar Yildirim // me[dot]serdaryildirim[dot]com
Demo Website:
Current version: 0.5

Qamini Description

Qamini is an open source question & answer software developed with MySql, PHP 5 and Kohana 3.2 MVC Framework.
Main concern is simplicity, so there is no lots of extra features like thumbnails, post revisions.

Qamini is themable, including all views, static files such as javascripts, stylesheets and images.

Current features

* Registration, User pages
* Ask Question (With / Without Registration)
* Add Answers (With / Without Registration)
* Add Comments
* Vote up / down for questions or answers
* Accept answers
* Get reputation points
* Tags
* Internationalization Support
* Content Management System for Posts, Users, Settings, Tags, Spam Management and more..
* Badges. (Predefined and admin defined badges.)


* Download qamini source codes.
* Download latest version of kohana 3 ( and copy all files under kohana/system to qamini/system. (NOTE: Latest tested Kohana version is: 3.2.0)
* Copy kohana install.php file to /qamini and upload all files to your server.
* Open your website and make sure your environment passes all tests.
Remember, after your environment is ready, you need to rename or remove install.php file.

* Copy example.htaccess to .htaccess and change "Installation Directory" to your installation directory on your server.
* Change qamini installation directory in application/bootstrap.php file to your installation directory.
* Add below line to your .htaccess file if your installation will be in production mode.
	-SetEnv KOHANA_ENV "production" 

* Create a database for qamini and dump qamini_db.sql into the database.
* Update database connection in application/config/database.php 

* Update hash key that used to hash passwords (in application/config/auth.php)
* Update system values in application/config/config.php
* Update email settings in application/config/email.php
* If you will change the default theme, update active theme for the website. (in application/config/settings.php)
	- see theme_install for detailed instructions

That's it, your question & answer website is ready to go!

Found bug(s)?

Please submit bugs ( or feature requests to Github.