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Some synth projects, using arduino
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Some synth projects, using arduino

Bicycle drummer

Uses an arduino nano, a dreamblaster s1 synth module, and a battery powered speaker : It plays a rock drum pattern, synchronized to the tempo of the bicycle wheel.

How it works : the Arduino measures the period of the reed switch pulse, and adjusts the tempo of a drum sequence accordingly. This drum sequence is sent by TTL level midi commands to a dreamblaster S1 module. The S1 is a low power waveblaster compatible module, it normally uses 5V but can be powered with 9V just as well. If the cycle period grows longer than 5 seconds, the sequence is stopped. As soon as a new period is detected the sequence is started and/or the tempo is adjusted.

Drone Beat

Arduino example code : drum and bass sequence with potmeter resonant filter control

Arduino Nano Dreamblaster S1 hardware shield

Kicad project files for the Arduino Nano shield from The Kicad project uses the excellent component library from Walter Lain :

MIDI Clock drum

Test program for DBSHIELD1 : arduino shield for DreamBlaster X2,S2,.. on arduino UNO : see for this shield. MIDI Clock drum usage : connect a midi signal with MIDI Clock to the midi input, the DBSHIELD1 will play a drum beat in sync with the incoming clock.

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