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Karbo CLI Suite v.1.10.5

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@github-actions github-actions released this 06 May 01:21
· 2 commits to master since this release
  • Added Payment Gate RPC method hasAddress
  • Fixed running wallet RPC and logging in Payment Gate
  • Wallet synchronization enhancements
  • Daemon stability enhancements
  • Correct application closing

Download for Ubuntu 22.04 SHA256: CCBE89EDB4834B66C804C7E0A65B2027DBB4123E69DCB09EF3198E071B9A5D30

Download for Ubuntu 20.04 SHA256: 256EA60DFD9EFBA6F3E5AC5EF45E9714A540D51E46F0B32A53385FD71C5CFC29

Download for Windows SHA256: 8295CCCB8EE622FC6E4D2CB4FE92A8434CA371786EAEE7EE4D67278F54AACD5D

Download for macOS SHA256: D4A9AF2175E3D123AFA4F0E81DBD3C8ABDFD278E95409A2F5156AEFCC098DBB8