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Displays league icons and other information for TeamLiquid forum users.
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Team Liquid Ranks

Team Liquid Ranks is a Google Chrome extension which displays ladder information for users of the forum. This is accomplished by using to make a best guess at matching forum usernames with their counterparts and parsing their profiles for leagues, races, and other relevant information.


To load the unpacked extension:

  1. Open Chrome Settings and click the Extensions tab.
  2. Check the "Developer mode" checkbox in the top right.
  3. Click the "Load unpacked extension..." button and select the folder containing the plugin.

After installing, forum users matching profiles will have links to their profiles, regions, game versions, and league icons displayed next to their names.

Implementation Note

Team Liquid Ranks uses a remote database to store profile information. This helps to both increase the speed of the plugin, as well as reduce the load on the server, regardless of the number of users. A local cache is also used to prevent unnecessary database reads.

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