python script to download coursera course contents.
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Coursera Downloader
version: 2.1
license: GPLv3

This is a python script to download coursera lecture videos and files. has cool features:
    * rewritten with a class structure
    * saves cookies
    * shows download progress
    * can provide multiple coursenames at once is the original script, I have decided to keep it while I test out

    Python 2.6          (
    Beautiful Soup 4    (

First edit the file:
    files to download: mp4, srt, txt, pdf, pptx
    foldermapping: if you want the name of folder different from the coursename
    downloadpath: files are downloaded to current directory by default

To start downloading, execute in a terminal:
    python <coursename1> [<coursename2> <coursename3> ...]

Coursename can be determined from the url of the course.
To download lectures of ml class, execute:
    python ml-2012-002

Multiple courses can be supplied at once:
    python ml-2012-002 crypto-2012-003 algs4partI-2012-001

    * Initially it will download all the lectures from the beginning. To download selected lectures, hack the script
    * It does not resume incomplete downloads.