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#!/usr/bin/env python
'''Module for inner torrent downloader server authentification'''
import hashlib
import platform
import time
import datetime
import hmac
def _get_system_salt():
'''Returns system specific string for salting hash.'''
return platform.processor()
_salt = ('028572', _get_system_salt())
users = {} # global mapping username -> password hash
cookies = {} # cookie string and expiration time
def make_passwd_hash(passwd):
'''Makes hash of password for inner torrent download server use.'''
h = hashlib.sha256()
for s in _salt:
return h.digest()
def add_user(uname, passwd):
'''Adds user to global mapping of torrent download server users.'''
if uname in users:
raise RuntimeError('user \'%s\' already exists')
users[uname] = make_passwd_hash(passwd)
def check_user(uname, passwd):
'''Returns True if user if 'uname' exists and its passowrd is 'passwd'.'''
return uname in users and users[uname] == make_passwd_hash(passwd)
def make_cookie(uname):
'''Retuns tuple of cookie for specified user and it expiration datetime.'''
cookie = + uname).hexdigest()
expires = + datetime.timedelta(minutes=30)
cookies[cookie] = expires
return (cookie, expires)
def is_good_cookie(cookie):
'''Returns True if cookie exists and not expired.'''
return cookie in cookies and <= cookies[cookie]
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