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#!/usr/bin/env python
'''Handler for adding torrent in torrent download server'''
import tanyhandler
import urllib
import os.path
class TAddHandler(tanyhandler.IHandler):
'''Class handles download of torrents for torrent download server.
Can be configured with save path - where to save .torrent files and
file_exists_template - page template for reporting attempts to overwrite
existing file.
def __init__(self, page_template):
'''Takes page_template for succesful requests (as parent class).
Addidtionally sets own save path as current working directory and
sets own primitive file_exists_template (can be overwritten).
super(TAddHandler, self).__init__(page_template)
self.save_path = os.getcwd()
self.file_exists_template = '''
<title>File exists</title>
<h2>Failed to add torrent</h2>
<p>File %%(fname) exists, cannot add torrent</p>
def set_save_path(self, path):
'''Sets save path to path. Throws on errors.'''
if not os.path.isdir(path):
raise RuntimeError("TAddHandler: '%s' is not a path" % path)
self.save_path = os.path.realpath(path)
def set_file_exists_template(self, template):
'''Sets file_exists_template to template.
Template should have %%(fname)s and %%(torrent_url)
to be output correctly.
self.file_exists_template = template
def process(self, body=None, browser=None):
'''Processes requests, body and browser should not be None.
Gets topic url from body's 'url' parameter.
Gets output filename from body's 'fname' parameter. Of fname is empty,
it tries to get outname from Content-Type of remote site answer.
It removes all .torrent siffixes from given fname, and adds one
by itself.
It does not overwrite existing files and reports errors on attempt.
url = self.get_post_parameter(body, 'url')
name = self.get_post_parameter(body, 'fname')
# TODO: torrent get error
torrent = browser.get_torrent(url)
if len(name):
while name.endswith('.torrent'):
name = name[:-len('.torrent')]
name = name + '.torrent'
name = self.get_torrent_name(torrent.getheader('Content-Type'))
if not len(name):
name = 'new.torrent'
fullname = os.path.join(self.save_path, name)
if os.path.exists(fullname):
# HTTP 409 Conflict
status = 409
headers = {'Content-Type': 'text/html'}
params = {
'torrent_url': url,
'fname': fullname
body = self.file_exists_template % params
return status, headers, body
# TODO: write error
with open(fullname, 'wb') as f:
status = 200
headers = {'Content-Type': 'text/html'}
body = self.page_template % {
'torrent_url': url,
'torrent_name': name
return status, headers, body
def get_post_parameter(body, param):
'''Gets 'param' parameter from body and unquotes it.'''
return urllib.unquote_plus(body[param])
def get_torrent_name(header):
'''Tries to get torrent name from string header (eg. 'Content-Type').
Returns an empty string if fails.
start = header.find('name="')
if start == -1:
return ''
start = start + len('name="')
finish = header.find('"', start)
if finish == -1:
finish = len(header)
name = header[start:finish]
return name
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