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Welcome to the Serenade monorepo! This repository contains the code for the Serenade client application, online services (like our speech engine, code engine, and core application), and model training.

Getting Help

If you need help getting started with Serenade or have any questions, check out our Discord Community.


An overview of Serenade services can be found in the docs directory.


If you're interested in contributing to Serenade, check out our Contributing Guidelines. We're excited to welcome contributions from the community, but please follow the Contributing Guidelines, or we won't be able to accept your changes.


Serenade supports plugins for a variety of applications, each located in a separate repository:


We've published several open-source packages that are used by Serenade, but also more broadly useful:

  • speech-recorder: A native npm module for microphone access and voice activity detection
  • serenade-driver: A native npm module with platform-specific OS hooks for keystrokes, mouse movement, etc.