Graphical summary

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name: gs

title: Graphical Summary(gs)

usage: gs(col.pos.x)

arguments: item{Numeric}{(column position x in the dataframe)}

value: plots

description: Gives four types of graphical summary Histogram,Box plot,Time series plot and Auto correlation function plot

details: Histogram displays the values in Frequency Domain. Histogram also displays information on Anderson-Darling Normality P-value, Mean (mu) & Standard Deviation (sigma).Time Series Plot, displays the values over Time Domain. Time Plot displays values of Q1, Q2/Median & Q3. These values are also displayed in the plot in the form of Horizontal Lines.Box-Whisker Plot, is a Five-Number summary. Outliers and Skewness of the distribution can be assed using Box-Plot.Auto Correlation Function, shows the significant of each lags.

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