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A reskinned version of with a few essential features.
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An open source reskinned version of with a few essential features.-

coindexter screenshot

If you'd like to see coindexter in action, click here. You can also save coindexter for local usage. Use the index.html file located in the src folder.


Biggest Gainers/Losers

This only looks at the currencies that are loaded from the api request, not quite the same as coinmarketcap's version but still useful nonetheless.

Color coded markers

Color coded markers indicate if a coin is not mineable, premined, significantly premined, instamined, or mineable (fair launch).

Green - Fair launch, mineable
Olive - Premined
Yellow - Instamined
Orange - Significantly Premined
Red - Not mineable
Gray - Unknown

If you disagree with the color of a coin, please check the file here with the justification first.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Get direct links to wallets for your favorite currency! The data is stored in wallet.js. Please contribute and help maintain this; it's a very tedious process.

Custom settings

Change default currency to display, number of coins to display (min 100), and filter coins that can not be mined.

Dark Mode

coindexter has a dark mode for comfortable late night viewing.

Fresh data

coindexter automatically refreshes data from coinmarketcap every 5 minutes (how often coinmarketcap caches data).

Investment Calculator

Set a target price and calculate profit/loss for your investment.

Price Calculator

Calculate price between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. integration

Somewhat limited, however, you get a quick view of the coins that can be shifted.

Mobile support

coindexter mobile

Special Thanks

  • for the API
  • for the exchange rate API
  • for the API
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