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Running in Sauce Labs

mvn surefire:test -Dtest=WordPressAppTest -Dsaucelabs.url= -Dsaucelabs.access.key=sauceKey

Running in Kobiton

mvn surefire:test -Dwebdriver.driver= appium -Dtest=IFixitAppTest -Dappium.hub= -Dappium.platformName=iOS -Dappium.deviceName="iPhone 6" -Dappium.deviceGroup=KOBITON

Before Run

  1. Start appium server ( command line / appium desktop )
  2. Create simulator with necessary iOS version and mention same under appium.platformVersion and appium.deviceName
  3. under resources folder, unzip to get file needed for automation

How To Run From Command Line

iOS Test Cases

  1. From command line run below from /serenity-core/serenity-appium, make sure to pass complete path whereWordPress.appis located

    mvn clean verify