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Modal console for PHP code.
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modalConsole for MODX Revolution

It's a modal console for PHP. It is intended for developers. modalConsole

To disable the request history uncheck the "Save the code" checkbox or set 0 in the "modalconsole_history_limit" system setting.

Users without sudo must have the "console" permission.

System settings

  • modalconsole_history_limit - Number of requests to save it the history. 0 - to disable saving the request history. By default, 20.
  • modalconsole_cssUrl - Enter css file URL or leave the field empty to prevent his loading.
  • modalconsole_jsUrl - Enter javascript file URL or leave the field empty to prevent his loading.
  • modalconsole_enable - show the console icon.
  • modalconsole_files_path - path for stored files. It can be set for individual user or user group.

A small video for clarity.

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