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Find reference stars for astronomical spectroscopy
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MIT License Made with Python Powered by Astropy

Find reference stars for astronomical spectroscopy :

Based on an idea and the stars database from François Teyssier. Able to find target's coordinates on SIMBAD, observer's place from IAU/MPC observatory code or place name, it also manages timezone and daylight saving. Main processing loop on stars database is parallelized.

Searching for stars nearer than 5° of M27, from 586 (Pic du Midi), september 15th, 23:00 local time :

Target: M  27 (19h59m36s +22d43m16s, Planetary Nebula in Vulpecula), altitude=68.3°, azimuth=204°, airmass=1.076
Observer: lat=42d56m13s, lon=0d08m27s, alt=2843m, tz=Europe/Paris, 2019-09-15 21:00 UTC
..  Star:       Sep:    VMag:   RA:       Dec:          Height:         B-V:    Eb-v:   SpType: Miles:
01  HD 187811   2.0°    4.89    19h51m04s +22d36m36s    67°, Δh=-0.8°   -0.143  0.10    B2,5Ve
02  HD 190993   1.9°    5.06    20h06m53s +23d36m52s    69°, Δh=1.4°    -0.16   0.04    B3V
03  HD 189944   2.1°    5.87    20h01m45s +24d48m02s    70°, Δh=2.1°    -0.133  0.05    B4V
04  HD 185859   4.9°    6.54    19h40m58s +20d28m38s    64°, Δh=-3.7°           0.63    B0.5Iae s0732
05  HD 192685   4.6°    4.76    20h15m16s +25d35m31s    72°, Δh=3.8°    -0.167  0.03    B3V
06  HD 187362   4.4°    5.0     19h48m59s +19d08m31s    64°, Δh=-4.2°   0.1     0.02    A3V
07  HD 192044   4.7°    5.9     20h12m01s +26d28m44s    72°, Δh=4.4°    -0.106  0.02    B7Ve

Required python packages : timezonefinder pytz numpy astropy astroquery joblib. AstroPy version >= 3.1 is required. Caution, numba badly interferes.

File Language Description Python Main script
base.csv CSV Stars database
lib/ Python Stars database
lib/ Python Formater for HTML or text display
lib/ Python Various functions
lib/ Python Observer
lib/ Python Object classification in SIMBAD
lib/ Python Target Python Optional WSGI backend
index.html HTML, CSS Optional web page
jslib.js JavaScript jQuery and JS-Storage for the web page
jscode.js JavaScript JavaScript code for the web page

Work in progress... Discussions on spectro-aras forum.

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