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This is a work in progress. Still in the extremely-early stages.

The current goal of this project is to implement (most of) C, with some deviations which can be opted-out of, plus some new features.

Parts of C17 that won't be implemented.

  • Atomics
  • Complex numbers
  • The standard library

Deviations from the C spec.

  • Nn -> operator. Pointers to structs can be accessed with ..
  • struct has an implicit typedef
  • Zero initialization by default

New features

  • Wide types and SIMD operators
  • Reflection strings for enum
  • decltype
  • C++ style auto
  • File-system based module/build system
  • Namespaces
  • Function overloading
  • Memory checking a-la address sanitizer
  • else after while


  • x64 on Windows and macOS
  • ARM on macOS
  • SPIR-V


  • On Windows: MSVC (tested with Visual Studio 2017)
  • On Mac/Linux: Clang


What is this?

scc is a C compiler that plays it loose with the spec.


I don't know. As long as I keep a non-zero pace and manage not to die before it's done then time is on my side.

What are your sources and references?

My main sources of documentation have been

  • The C11 spec .
  • The [Intel Software Development Manual] (
  • Retargetable C Compiler, mostly for implementing the front end. For code generation I have used the following:
  • Code generation is 100% based on DCCG, which I found out thank's to Fabian Giesen's papers I like
  • On extreme circumstances I might peek at Fabian Bellard's tcc implementation. However, this is considered cheating and is left as an absolute last measure.
  • On a couple of occasions I have turned to Agner Fog, but the code generator is still very simple and almost no effort has been spent on actually outputting decent code.


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