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-Text Editor Actions for Espresso
-Text Editor Actions (TEA) for Espresso is an [Espresso][1] plugin that
-provides numerous bundled actions and an infrastructure for easily creating
-more, whether you are a Sugar developer or not.
-TEA has been bundled with Espresso since version 1.0, so you do not need to
-download it (unless you want to test bleeding edge improvements).
-For more info about TEA (including documentation) see the TEA website:
-**Found something about TEA that makes you unhappy?** [Submit a bug report or
-feature request][2] (requires free GitHub account) or [drop me a line][3].
- [1]:
- [2]:
- [3]:
-Building from source
-Since you're here, odds are you want to mess around with TEA's source code.
-To compile TEA first clone it from GitHub (if you don't have Git installed,
-[download it instead][4]):
- git clone git://
- [4]:
-In order to compile, TEA for Espresso needs to know where your Espresso
-installation lives. By default it will look in your `/Applications` folder,
-but if you have Espresso installed somewhere else, you can create a
-symbolic link to it that the compiler will follow like this:
- ln -s /path/to/ /Applications/
-To compile, just open the Xcode project and hit the build button!
-To override the bundled version of TEA in Espresso, make sure to increment
-the CFBundleVersion in Info.plist before compiling TEA.
+# This plugin is outdated, please switch to [Emmet toolkit](

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