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An Espresso Sugar containing Textmate-style Text Editor Actions, written in Python
Python Objective-C
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Text Editor Actions for Espresso

Text Editor Actions (TEA) for Espresso is an Espresso plugin that provides numerous bundled actions and an infrastructure for easily creating more, whether you are a Sugar developer or not.

TEA has been bundled with Espresso since version 1.0, so you do not need to download it (unless you want to test bleeding edge improvements).

For more info about TEA (including documentation) see the TEA website:

Found something about TEA that makes you unhappy? Submit a bug report or feature request (requires free GitHub account) or drop me a line.

Building from source

Since you're here, odds are you want to mess around with TEA's source code. To compile TEA:

git clone git://
cd tea-for-espresso
python py2app

If you wish to create a development version, you can run this instead:

python py2app -A

This will create a normal version of the TEA plugin, but symlink all the internal files so that you don't have to rebuild the Sugar to try out changes (you'll still need to relaunch Espresso between changes, though).

To override the bundled version of TEA in Espresso, make sure to increment the CFBundleVersion in before compiling TEA.

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