Intuitionistic Ramsey theorem (a proof in Agda)
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Intuitionistic Ramsey Theorem

A formalisation of "A direct proof of Ramsey’s Theorem", a note by Thierry coquand, version of October 24, 2011, formalised by David Wahlstedt (, November 2011, work funded by the Swedish Research Council, project reg no: 2008:6902.

The content of the directory original has been taken from

The directory revised contains a revised version, produced by some refactoring of the source version.

The purpose of this refactoring is twofold:

  • To reuse the stuff provided by the Standard Library. This can be useful in cases where the proof has to be embedded into another Agda project based on the Standard library.

  • To make the form of the proof more "human-friendly". In particular, by the extensive use of Relation.Binary.PreorderReasoning.

(It goes without saying that the notion of "human-friendly" is rather subjective one. Hence it is the original version that may be considered by some readers as more natural and easier to read. :-) )

This version is compatible with

  • Agda
  • The Standard Library 0.8