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A simple supercompiler formally verified in Agda

This Agda code is based on the work by Dimitur Krustev:

  • Dimitur Krustev. A Simple Supercompiler Formally Verified in Coq.
    In Second International Workshop on Metacomputation in Russia (Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Metacomputation in Russia. Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia, July 1-5, 2010). A. P. Nemytykh, Ed. - Pereslavl-Zalessky: Ailamazyan University of Pereslavl, 2010, 186 p. ISBN 978-5-901795-21-7, pages 102-127.


  • Everything. Just imports all other files.

  • Util. Auxiliary stuff.

  • ExpLang. A language of expressions. The language of expressions is "variable free". All expressions denote functions of type Val → Val, where Vals are like Lisp S-expressions.

  • PositiveInfo. Positive information propagation. We can propagate information about the results of test inside the branches of a conditional expressions. This transformation is one of the key differences that distinguish supercompilation from weaker optimizations like classical partial evaluation and deforestation.

  • ImpLang. A small imperative language with assignments and while-loops. This language, however, is Turing complete (unlike the language of expressions).

  • LoopUnrolling. A simple form of loop unrolling: trying to execute the body of the loop once before entering the loop, provided the condition of the loop holds.

  • HomEmb. The "whistle" of our supercompiler uses homeomorphic embedding and the Kruskal's tree theorem to ensure termination of the process. To formulate this theorem in its general form, we introduce a type of arbitrary first-order terms.

  • SimpExpAsFOT. An injection from language expressions into first-order terms.

  • LoopUnrollingScp. A simple supercompiler using loop unrolling.

  • Examples. A few tests and examples.


A simple supercompiler formally verified in Agda






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