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Software for Raspberry PI-based Thermostat for NuHeat Floor

Blog post with full description

Base Thermostat - python script reading temperature from ADC, then turning relay on or off based on the temperature threshold in /run/lock/set-temp.txt. Writes current temp to /run/lock/current-temp.txt - shell script to kill holdtemp if it hangs (and does not update current-temp.txt for 2 minutes) - shell script that sets set-temp.txt - runs from cron. Ignores the setting if the file /run/lock/schedule-status.txt is not present, this is used to disable scheduled operation while leaving schedule settings in place

Web-based Controls

/var/www/thermostat - contains php scripts for reading and writing crontable and current-temp, as well as html, css, fonts and javascript to display web ui. The UI can be used from any browser, e.g. from a phone

Screen - script to launch X11 GUI, with Chromium browser in kiosk mode pointing to the web-based thermostat user interface URL (http://localhost)

Dimmer - script that reads light sensor and sets PWM pulse width that adjusts screen backlight

Requires pigpiod to be installed and running