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One developer blog

This is a small personal blog web application, built using Rack and standalone gems. The idea is to show how a completely feature full MVC application can be created without using any framework. The blog is divided into 2 separate applications: front and admin. Also it uses Docker both for local development and production (using Rancher). You can find a working demo here:


  • install Docker and DockerCompose
  • create alias in .bashrc alias dcg="docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f"
  • run in root dcg build, then ./bin/
  • run dcg run admin bundle exec ./cli seed_admin pass to create user skoba with pass pass
  • run app dcg up -d
  • go to http://localhost:3001 for Front and http://localhost:3000 for Admin
  • stop app dcg stop
  • restart admin app dcg restart admin. In local env apps are auto-restarted on any code change via rerun gem

Interactive Console

  • run dcg run admin rack-console


  • print all routes dcg run admin bundle exec ./cli routes, see Hanami routes
  • edit application routes in init/router.rb

DB Migrations

  • migrate to dcg run admin bundle exec ./cli db_migrate [VERSION], see: Sequel migrations
  • rollback to - just run dcg run admin bundle exec ./cli db_migrate [VERSION] with VERSION you want to rollback to
  • edit db credentials in config/database.yml

Cli (rake analogue)

  • see commands list dcg run admin bundle exec ./cli help

TODO features:

  • sidebar posts and tags
  • Tests
  • automate deploys
  • subscribe for email notifications