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OpenNLP for .NET
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OpenNLP for .NET is a port of OpenNLP to .NET.

This project contains build scripts that recompile OpenNLP .jar packages to .NET assemblies using IKVM.NET and tests that help to be sure that recompiled packages are workable. Recompiled ass are available on NuGet.

.NET samples are available in tests. Manual is available on official site.


Versioning model used for NuGet packages is aligned to versioning used by OpenNLP Team. For example, if you get OpenNLP package from OpenNLP site with version 1.5.3, then the NuGet version of this package has a version 1.5.3.x, where x is the greatest that is available on NuGet. Last number is used for internal versioning of .NET assemblies.


Project is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license

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