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Show Slow is an open source tool that helps monitor various website performance metrics over time.
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ajax @ 60bfd83 Added all submodules.
automation Avoiding shell execution
beacon Removed deprecated pass by reference, close #100
css Added configuration option for not linking to external URLs
dbupgrade @ 68bac1d Using updated version of DBUpgrade
details Now allow passing URL in
flot @ 3c1e90b Re-adding official flot repo
img Smaller WPT icon
import Added table locking to emulate full-size unique constraint on urls.ur…
php-bootstrap @ aa22aaa Updated to latest Startup API and PHP Bootstrap with a fix for double…
screenshots Homepage thumbnail
svn-assets @ 65d837e Fixed asset versioning
tests Removed functions.php from two more spots
timeline @ af284a3 Added all submodules.
timeplot @ 70e8e38 Added all submodules.
users @ 879c1f7 Latest Startup API
.gitignore Adding PHPStorm project to ignore
.gitmodules Using PHP Bootstrap project to auto-detect paths and all
.htaccess Making sure /details/?url=... format is supported (for tools that red…
LICENSE Classical formatting.
Makefile Excluding a few more things from CSS processing
README.markdown Link syntax used.
all.php Showing URLs if WPT beacon data is available for them.
asset_versions.tsv Checking in asset fingerprints for v1.2.2
cleandata.sql SQL script to remove personal data from the database (for dump genera…
clock.png Surfaced all data collected for beacons.
collecting.gif Surfaced all data collected for beacons.
config.sample.php Updated links to Google Page Speed Insights
configure.php Updated links to Google Page Speed Insights
crc32.php Use a simple php script to calculate the CRC (removes dependency
dbupgrade.php Re-styled using Bootstrap
dbupgrade_legacy_upgrade.php Removed userbase setup SQL - relying on it's own scripts now.
deleteignored.php Ignoring and removing URLs in local networks and non-HTTP URLs.
deleteolddata.php New script that deletes data from WPT table as well, refactored to be…
favicon.ico Added favicon.ico to reduce amount of 404s and provide better user ex…
follow.png Updated follow icon.
footer.php Re-styled using Bootstrap
global.php Added general code to include in the head on all pages
header.php Torbit is no longer alive
import.php Added table locking to emulate full-size unique constraint on urls.ur…
index.php Not using test IDs as they can be quite long
info.png Surfaced all data collected for beacons.
list.php Syntax error.
monitor.php Started work on manual monitoring requests.
my.php Re-styled using Bootstrap
pagetest.php Switching to resuts.php?test=... syntax for WPT results (closes issue…
pagetestcompare.php Added checkboxes to compare WPT results visually (closes #21)
paginator.class.php Fixed up XSS in paginator class, removed page jumper.
progressbar.gif Oops. Forgot a progress bar.
showslow_110.png Added larger logo.
showslow_icon.png Added showslow logo
showslow_iphone_icon.png Added icons to the header.
svn-assets-config.php Loading ShowSlow settings first
timeplot.patch Added a patch for timeplot.
urls.txt Simple YSlow automation script
users_config.php Merge branch 'master' of
yslow_launch.html Add YSlow bootstrapper.


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