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Installation and configuration

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Latest version of ShowSlow uses PHP and should work with PHP 5.3.3 (it uses Filter module which has a bug in prior versions).

PHP Extensions

Depending on your PHP configuration, you may need to install these non-default modules:

You can check with your package manager for quick install. If you installed php using yum, you can just run:

yum install <modulename>

Note: If you find some other dependencies, please add them to the list.


ShowSlow requires MySQL v. 5+ although there is no particular feature identified that is a bottleneck here. You're still encouraged to use MySQL 5.5 and later for many other reasons.

Getting the code


Download latest version from here:

From git

We're now on Github so you can get your copy directly from repository:

git clone git://

ShowSlow uses a [Other projects used by ShowSlow](few other projects) which will be automatically checked out using git when you run make.

Database setup

Create MySQL database and update config.php with [database name, user and password](#Database connection information).

You can use a tool like phpMyAdmin if you have it installed or just use a command like mysql client:

$ mysql -u root -p
mysql> create database showslow;
mysql> grant usage on showslow.* to showslowuser@localhost identified by '... database-password ...';
mysql> grant all privileges on showslow.* to showslowuser@localhost;
mysql> quit

This is regular database creation step and has nothing specific to ShowSlow, use any database name and username you like.


Copy config.sample.php to config.php and change variables for your setup.

Database connection information

$db = 'showslow';
$user = 'showslowuser';
$pass = '... database-password ...';
$host = 'localhost';

Connecting using local socket

$db = 'showslow';
$user = 'showslowuser';
$pass = '... database-password ...';
$host = 'localhost:/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock';

Run make

Best way to initialize or upgrade ShowSlow is to run


It'll create asset_versions.php and will run dbupgrade to make sure data structure is initialized and matches the code.

If you're afraid of running make

But if you're installing from a package (not [from git](#From git)) and are afraid of using make for some reason, you can just initialize database by running dbupgrade.php and users/dbupgrade.php from command line or loading them in the browser.

Apache configuration

As part of "Fast by default" movement, starting with version 0.6, Show Slow comes with drop-in .htaccess file that increases performance of the application (Show Slow uses SVN Assets project for asset versioning to avoid caching problems).

In order for it to work, you need to make sure that mod_deflate, mod_rewrite and mod_expires Apache modules are enabled on your site (contact your internet provider if you don't know what to do).

Nginx configuration

If you're using nginx instead of Apache, check out sample configuration file in SVN-Assets repository:

Other web servers might have similar functionality. Please post your samples if you're going to configure them.

Advanced configuration options

Basic configuration options above are enough for you to get started, but if you like to get more features tweaked, check out: