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* Live show: graceful process termination
* Downloading: Respect background data loading settings
* Sync podcast list with SyncAdaptor
* User topics
Version 1.5:
* Cache podcast list locally
* Google Analytics
* Android 4.0 UI
* New icon with ICS guidelines
DONE New status bar icons
DONE Button background styling
* Larger screens
DONE Logo 54x54 (108x108)
DONE Icon 48x48 (96x96)
DONE Status live 24x24 (48x48)
DONE Status dl complete 24x24 (48x48)
DONE Default podcast image 72x72 (144x144)
DONE Refresh 32x32 (64x64)
DONE Center logo text
* !! Home screen buttons
* Titlebar icon? 32x32 (64x64)
* Testing: file to download already exists
* Debt:
* Podcast type "audo/mpeg" appears in lots of places
* Duplication between playback start from podcast list and from download notification
* Explore AndroidMock
* Build and test all in one click
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