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Flow, TypeScript, Rust types for Telegram Bots API
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Telegram Bot API typings for Flow, TypeScript and Rust

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This repository contains Telegram Bot API typings for Flow, TypeScript and Rust.

The types are automatically generated for all supported languages from the Telegram Bot API website.

Flow and TypeScript typings

See javascript/ folder.

Rust typings

See rust folder.


Source code for the type generation lives under lib/ folder.

Setting up local development environment

To contribute to this project, you will need to have the following tools installed:

  • Rust
  • Node v8.x or higher
  • npm v5.7.1 or higher

Once these tools are installed, you can install the required dependencies:

npm install
cargo install rustfmt --version 0.9.0

Generating new typings

To generate new types, run the following:

npm run build

If the Telegram Bot API documentation has not changed, and you haven't done any changes to code, you should not get any diff.

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