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What is it?

GlowLight is an Arduino-based clone of Philips' Ambilight.

Demo time:



1 x Arduino Uno board

1 x ShiftBrite Shield

16 x ShiftBrite LEDs

1 x laptop with a webcam

and some necessary interconnects


  1. Build GlowLightArduino sketch and upload to Arduino board
  2. Download and install Cinder
  3. You'll need Visual Studio 2010 to build GlowLightCinder project as-is, with some adjustment for Cinder paths. Code should be able to be built on any platform supported by Cinder, I plan on adding Xcode project when have a chance.


Upload sketch to Arduino

Launch Cinder app and make four clicks to set up screen sampling coordinates.


  • f - fullscreen toggle
  • s - black out screen
  • m - mirror LEDs colors left/right
  • b - show smoothed / original webcam capture
  • c - show color samples