Small vnc library with OS X Authentication support, mostly for sending keystrokes to remote clients.
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TinyVNC is a minimalistic VNC library, main part of Blender Keypad ( remote control app. It is oriented primarily on sending keystokes over network to remote computer. It also has ability of capturing a screen of that computer, even though it is not a primary function of the software, so only RAW (warning, huge amount of traffic) encoding is supported.


Easiest way to use tinyvnc is as a static library. Simply include all .cpp files into the project and you should be good to go. You may need to declare CRYPTOPP_MANUALLY_INSTANTIATE_TEMPLATES macro, in which case exclude ec2n.cpp, eccrypto.cpp, eprecomp.cpp, strciphr.cpp from build to avoid duplicate class and method definitions.

Building for XCode Step by Step

  • Add all library files to your project:

    • des_local.cpp, des_local.h, keysymdef.h, raw_query.cpp, raw_query.hpp, vnc_client.cpp, vnc_client.hpp
    • All files from cryptoppmin directory
  • Exclude following files from the build: ec2n.cpp, eccrypto.cpp, eprecomp.cpp, strciphr.cpp

    • Click on the file in the Project Navigator (Command + 1, on the left by default)
    • Clear checkbox for Target Membership in the File Inspector (Command + Alt + 1, on the right by default)
  • In project Build Settings, define following Preprocessor Macros:

  • Make sure that files from which you are using TinyVNC are compiled as Objective-C++. Easiest way is to change file extension from .m to .mm

Basic Usage

#include "vnc_client.hpp"
#define XK_LATIN1
#include "keysymdef.h"

// Initialize network client. Needs to be done only once, e.g. in viewDidLoad.

// Create and configure client.
Network::VncClient client("", "5900");

// Set username/password pair, if VNC authentication is used, only password will be sent to the server.
client.set_password("username", "password");


// Wait to connect.
while (client.update())
  if (client.connected())

// Send Hello + enter key.

// Send to server.

// More complex keys or combinations require usage of XK_ codes and send_key methods.
// E.g. send $ keystroke.

client.send_key(XK_Shift_L, true);
client.send_key(XK_4, true);
client.send_key(XK_4, false);
client.send_key(XK_Shift_L, false);


XCode static library project file

Threaded example


examples/screenshot contains a small command line test app that will take a screenshot of a remote server and save it to .png file.


TinyVNC supports anonymous access (No authentication), VNC password authentication, or OS X authentication method using embedded Crypto++ library.

Third Party Software and Licenses

TinyVNC is built with the help of and contains portions of:

Crypto++, web site:, license:

D3DES by Richard Outerbridge

/* D3DES (V5.09) -
 * A portable, public domain, version of the Data Encryption Standard.
 * Written with Symantec's THINK (Lightspeed) C by Richard Outerbridge.
 * Thanks to: Dan Hoey for his excellent Initial and Inverse permutation
 * code;  Jim Gillogly & Phil Karn for the DES key schedule code; Dennis
 * Ferguson, Eric Young and Dana How for comparing notes; and Ray Lau,
 * for humouring me on.
 * Copyright (c) 1988,1989,1990,1991,1992 by Richard Outerbridge.
 * (GEnie : OUTER; CIS : [71755,204]) Graven Imagery, 1992.

STB Image Writer

/* stbiw-0.92 - public domain -
   writes out PNG/BMP/TGA images to C stdio - Sean Barrett 2010
                            no warranty implied; use at your own risk