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Function for knockout.js to map plain object into knockout observable with bound REST actions. Similar to knockout.mapping, but it is more simple and lightweight.

korest could be useful if you:

  • have server-stateful view model
  • have REST interface to the view model
  • don't want to manually write/sync client-side version of view model

API, options) - wraps given plain JS object into object with knockout observable fields bound to REST actions. options:

  • url - specifies root url to REST resource.

Wrapper has the following methods.

  • unwrap():Object - unwraps to plain JS object.
  • update(obj):void - updates observable fields with values from given plain JS object.
  • fetch():promise - fetches latest version of object from server.


Consider you have backend with the following REST interface:

GET 	/report 					- gets report view model
GET 	/report/width 				- gets report width
UPDATE 	/report/width 				- updates report width
GET 	/report/items 				- gets collection of report items
POST 	/report/items				- adds new report item
GET 	/report/items/{index}		- gets item at specified index
UPDATE 	/report/items/{index}		- updates item at specified index
DELETE  /report/items/{index}		- updates item at specified index
GET 	/report/items/{index}/width - gets item width
UPDATE 	/report/items/{index}/width - updates item width

The following code will create client-side version of report view model:

$.get('/report').then(function(response) {
  return, {url: '/report'});
}).then(function(report) {
  // now report has observable properties
  // you could set report width
  report.width(100); // this sends 'UPDATE /report/width {value:100}' to update server view model
  // call fetch to get latest version of view model
  report.fetch(); // returns promise!
  // update width of second report item
  report.items()[1].width(50); // this sends 'UPDATE /report/items[1]/width {value:50}'
  // and obviously you could bind this view model to UI using ko.applyBindings() and so on...


Function for KnockoutJS to map plain object into object with knockout observable properties bound to REST actions




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